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September Athlete of the Month!


September Athlete of the Month!

After a brief hiatus… Let us introduce Dave!

 Dave Malindsky

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Age: 29

Hometown: Waynesboro, PA

Occupation: OPS Manager, Tropicana Field

When you started CrossFit: 2 years ago

Favorite WOD/exercise: Fran/Murph

Least favorite WOD/exercise: Olympic stuff (still learning/ gaining strength)

What keeps you coming back to Blackbeard: Tough WODs! Free beer!

Favorite cheat food: Pizza/Ranch

Fitness goals: Look sexy naked

Hobbies: CrossFit, biking, football, boating

One totally random fact about you: Oh man… Get me drunk enough and I might tell you… (Note from the editor: We have yet to procure this information!)

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