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Saturday, July 6 Epic 80’s Paleo Potluck!


Saturday, July 6 Epic 80’s Paleo Potluck!

Oh, it is on! The next Paleo Potluck is going to have a theme…. The 80’s!

The morning team workout will be invaded by the 80’s! Wear all your 80’s stuff and if you are too young to own any then raid your parents 80’s stash! Bring anything from the 80’s you want to share and there will be 80’s music all day!

Bring a dish of your choosing… The food was AMAZING last time! Thank you to those that shared their secret recipes 🙂

Brings friends and family!

Big hair bands
Rubik’s cube
Beastie Boys
Top Gun
AC/DC Thunder!

A sign-up will be posted on the bulletin board at the gym for food/drink.

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