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Saturday 1/24/14


Saturday 1/24/14

NOTE: Don’t forget to sign-up the “2015 CrossFit Open” (Chick Here). There will be Rx and Scale divisions!



A) Drop snatch (This should be strictly technique work)

3 sets of 3 reps (DEMO CLICK HERE)

Rest as needed


B) Split snatch

15-20 minutes to work up to a heavy single (DEMO CLICK HERE)



“K2 & S23″

4 rounds for time:

Run 600 meters

1 rope ascents 15ft

24 Walking lunges

20 Bar-facing burpees

11 Hang clusters  95/65# (Hang squat+Thruster)


The officers Jeffrey Yaslowitz & Sgt. Tom Baitinger were shot the morning of January 24, 2011 after approaching a home in the Perry Bayview neighborhood where Hydra Lacy, Jr., a known sex offender, was being served with a U.S. Marshal’s warrant through a fugitive task force.

A marshal who responded to the scene also was shot and  survived. His name will not be released.

Officers arrived at 3734 28th Ave. S. to interview Lacy’s wife at 7 a.m. When it became clear the suspect was in the attic and armed, more officers arrived. One of them was Yaslowitz, who was done with his shift and on his way home when he answered the call for assistance.

At 7:29 a.m., officers on scene reported “Shots fired” and “Officers down”!

Yaslowitz and the marshal were hit first when they tried to arrest Lacy, who was hiding in the attic and refused to surrender, police spokesman Mike Puetz said.

Yaslowitz fell wounded inside the attic, officials said, while the marshal tumbled to the first floor.

Other officers, including Baitinger, attempted a rescue. That’s when Baitinger was fatally shot in the upper torso in a hail of gun fire.

Baitinger and the marshal were eventually rescued from inside the house while still under fire and transported to the hospital. Yaslowitz remained trapped inside and was rescued later by the St. Petersburg SWAT team while still under heavy fire.

Yaslowitz, 39, joined the department in 1999. He was part of the department’s K-9 unit and a member of the elite SWAT team.  He is survived by his wife Lorraine and three young children — two boys now ages 8 and 15 and a now 11 year-old daughter.

Baitinger, 48, had been with the department since 1996. He is survived by his loving wife Paige.


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