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Paleo/Zone Challenge!


Paleo/Zone Challenge!

CrossFit Blackbeard is launching our first Paleo/Zone Challenge to be held September 1st-30th!

Who should participate in this Challenge?                                  

*All Athletes competing in the next scheduled CrossFit competition this October 5th & 6th. (Clean eating makes a HUGE difference in your performance.)
*All members struggling to lose body fat and inches. (Paleo paired with Zone portions WORKS!)

*All members who ever hoped to have six pack abs. (Six packs are made in the kitchen, Period)

*Anyone who wishes to win CASH prizes! Three opportunities to win:

                    * Most % weight lost

                    * Most improved 3RM thruster

                    * Most improved 1 mile run
Save the dates:

* Thursday, August 29: Pre-contest measurements, thrusters and mile run  (ANY TIME OF THE DAY, Carrie DeLisle will be logging scores and measurements and is available all day. Contact her to set up your time. 352-286-9155) 

* If Thursday is NOT possible for any of you, an alternate time can be made but MUST be done prior to competition start of Sept 1st.

* Monday, September 30: Post-contest measurements, thrusters and mile run

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