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Monday 9/28/15


Monday 9/28/15

Box News:We are looking forward to celebrating a (belated) three-year anniversary for Blackbeard this Friday!! Get excited for an in-house competition followed by a party at 3 Daughters Brewery (what better place to celebrate a THIRD anniversary with our favorite athletes?!)!


Athlete of the Month: “Shawn”

For time:

50 Box jumps 24/20″

40 Hand-release push-ups

30 Walking lunges holding 45/25# plate

20 Thrusters 115/80#

10 Wall walk-ups

20 Toes-through-rings

30 Hip extenisons

40 Burpee bumper plate 45/25#

50 Medicine ball cleans 20/14#



For time:

30 Box step-ups

25 Push-ups

20 Walking lunges

15 Dumbbell thrusters

10 Inch worms

15 V-ups (Sit-ups)

20 Superman holds

25 Burpees

30 Medicine ball cleans


Hometown: Palm Harbor, FL
Occupation: Sales/Client Service
When you started CrossFit: February 2015
Favorite WOD/Movements: Thruster, run, sit ups, pull ups – chipper style
Least favorite WOD/movements: Snatch, rope climb
What keeps you coming back to Blackbeard: Community, Rob’s music
Hobbies: Kayaking, travel, Fantasy Football, eating
Interesting fact about you: Work for family business that sells digital features to grocery stores.

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