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Meet the Blackbeard Athletes– December 2013!


Meet the Blackbeard Athletes– December 2013!

ryan mooreRyan Moore

Age: 23

Hometown: St. Petersburg

Occupation: Greens keeper at Mangrove Bay

How long you’ve been CrossFitting: 1 year

Favorite WOD/exercise: Cleans

Least favorite: Muscle-ups & running 🙁

What keeps you coming back to Blackbeard: All of the nice people!

Favorite cheat food: Pizza & icecream

Fitness goals: Catch up to my big brother & make it to Regionals

Hobbies: Softball, CrossFit, golf

One totally random fact about you: I am the tallest in my family!


liz bradyLiz Brady

Age: 39– yikes!

Hometown: St. Petersburg

Occupation: I work part-time at our family business Grand Shores West. I am mostly a stay-at-home mom for my 3 daughters.

How long you’ve been CrossFitting: Since January 2013

Favorite WOD/exercise: I enjoy most of the WODs. Some are more challenging than others, but I enjoy the challenge and try to improve with each workout. I also enjoy the Saturday workouts, as brutal as they are. I like the team effort.

Least favorite: I am not a big fan of running, burpees, or wallballs. I am sure now that this is on paper, Rob will make me do these even more!

What keeps you coming back to Blackbeard: Trey & Rob’s personality! Now on a serious note, I like how the workouts challenge me physically and mentally. In my previous workouts I never left the gym completely satisfied. I never saw real changes in my body or felt I was getting any stronger. The people that come to Blackbeard are very nice and friendly, and there is a great community atmosphere. You really feel that people are looking out for you & want to see you succeed.

Favorite cheat food: I have a bad sweet tooth & love desserts

Fitness goals: I would like to get leaner, improve my cardiovascular training, and become a fit person.

Hobbies: Paddle boarding, reading, going to the beach, traveling, and spending time with my family and friends.

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