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Jenn Lockwood


Jenn Lockwood

jennMy name is Jenn, and I’m an addict. A CrossFit addict. My interest started about 8 months ago when my son’s wrestling coach kept going on about how amazing this CrossFit thing was. So of course I was totally intrigued. Let me first explain that I am a 5’8″ string bean with no athletic ability, no endurance and little muscle. I did dabble in some sport related activities like running, Muay Thai and the occasional awkward visit to the gym as a young adult, but that is the extent of my sports resume. About a month later when I finally decided to go to the trial class, I was in a really bad place mentally, physically and emotionally. I’m the wife of a self-employed photographer, a mother of 3 boys and a home school parent who had neglected to take care of myself and it had finally taken its toll. Basically I was scared to death and felt like the odds of me succeeding were slim to none, but I figured at that point it couldn’t get any worse.

Well, my first attempt in my mind was a miserable failure. The good news was I didn’t die even though I felt like I would, and I sucked it up and came back Monday morning to start Fundamentals. I was strangely drawn to the muscle aches and the feeling like I could puke or pass out. It was refreshing. It was different. I was doing this to myself and loving every single moment of it.

Seven months later I feel SO GOOD! Physically, mentally, emotionally. In 7 months I am stronger than I have ever been or thought I would be and I cannot wait to see where I am going to go next. The quick progression of skill and strength is almost mind-boggling to me. When I finish the WOD I am more mentally and physically relaxed. CrossFit keeps me balanced.

I drive my friends and family crazy because I am constantly going on and on about it. My original testimony was two full pages. I have that many great things to say about it. The people and the coaches are so amazing. Honestly, I couldn’t imagine there could be anywhere better than Crossfit Blackbeard.”

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