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Fitness Facts


Fitness Facts

Urine-Hydration-ChartFitness Facts: Tips to Stay Hydrated During Exercise

How does dehydration happen?

–Evaporation of sweat



–Not drinking enough fluids

Signs of dehydration:

–Dry, sticky mouth



–Decreased urine output, or very dark urine (most reliable sign)


–Dizziness or lightheadedness


How to prevent dehydration:

–Drinking when you feel thirsty, drinking throughout the day, and monitoring your hydration status, especially when exercising

–Hydrate before, during, and after exercise

What to do if you get dehydrated:

–Drink more fluids: water and sports drinks like Gatorade are best

–Avoid: Alcohol, caffeine, fruit juices, carbonated drinks/soda, or coffee (can increase urine output and/or worsen diarrhea, making dehydration worse)

–Keep in mind that drinking too much not only can cause bloating & discomfort, but may lead to a potentially fatal condition in which your blood sodium becomes too low (hyponatremia).

–When in doubt or seriously ill, contact a physician.



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