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Andrea Kendall


Andrea Kendall

andrea“CrossFit has completely changed my life. I started doing it, not knowing what to expect, but thought it  would be a fun hobby to get into with my husband. For someone who has been on some type of “diet” my entire life, CrossFit has not only restored a new sense of self confidence in me, it has made me stop caring about what I look like, and only caring about being the best athlete I can be… the results are just a bonus.

CrossFit Blackbeard is the 3rd CrossFit gym I have been to- and by far it has been the best experience. The first day I walked in, I instantly felt welcomed and comfortable, not judged or intimidated. The coaches push me in ways I would never push myself and encourage me to be that much better than every day I was before. Blackbeard has become my family away from home. Going to the gym is no longer a chore, but rather the reward at the end of the day. There is nothing better than working out as hard as you can with all your friends cheering you on beside you. The group of people at Blackbeard is second to none; I have met some of my best friends here. I am so thankful I found CrossFit Blackbeard.”

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