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5/10/13, Friday


5/10/13, Friday


1) Clean Grip Segment Deadlift¬†Demo– 7×2

Notes: Heavy but controlled. Rest 30-45 seconds between sets.


2) Bottom Pause Bench- 5×3

Notes: Heavy as possilble. Do not let bar rest on chest. Pause for 3 seconds at the bottom of bench. Rest 60-90 seconds.




For time:

Run 800 meters

Run 400 meters backwards

Run 800 meters

Run 400 meters backwards



2 Rounds

15 GHD Reverse Crunch

15 Standing Plate Twist


In honor of USAF SSgt Travis L. Griffin, 28, who was killed April 3, 2008 in the Rasheed district of Baghdad by an IED strike to his vehicle.

Travis is survived by his son Elijah.

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